Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What a fab trip!

Just to follow up Elisa's posting, I think we all had a great time (thanks Christina and Chris!). In addition to the work and data we were collecting I was fascinated at the additional wildlife we saw during the two weeks. As I always seemed to have a pen in my pocket here's the log I made of the wildlife, footprints and droppings we saw between us. It was fun some evenings to try and work out from the book descriptions and drawings what creatures we had seen. Apologies for any omissions!

Bat (dead) and pipistrelle Bat (heard); Bear (only Christina and Lycos saw this!); Beaver; viceroy Butterfly; cecropia Caterpillar; Cicadia (heard); Chipmunk; Cormorant; white-tailed Deer; bald Eagle; leopard and green Frogs; Goshawk; black Guillemot;
great black-backed Gull; snoeshoe Hare (Andrew only, whilst watering the undergrowth!); great blue Herons; ruby-throated Hummingbird; blue Jay; bog Lemmings; green Lizard; Loons; meadow jumping Mouse; Muskrat; Osprey; Porcupine; Racoon (skeleton); Ravens; Sandpiper (and other unidentified wading birds); short-tailed Shrew (dead on road!); garter, ribbon and smooth green Snakes (non-poisonous, still enough to make you jump); wolf and argiope Spiders; spruce Grouse; grey flying Squirrel (walking??); red Squirrels; Toads; red-backed Voles; fin-backed Whales (from boat).

Coyote; Deer; Fisher (maybe); Otter; Racoon; Squirrel

Droppings (lots of ‘em!)
Bear; Chipmunk; Deer; Fawn; Groundhog (maybe); snoeshoe Hare; Mouse; Porcupine; Racoon; Skunk

Thanks to the team for their great company and very best wishes to future teams.


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